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Terms and Conditions

Estimates provided are an approximation of timing and charges to you for the services requested. They are based on the anticipated work to be done. It is possible for unexpected complications to cause some deviation from the original quote. You hereby authorize the repair work described in this estimate to be done along with the procurement of the necessary material(s), including permission to operate the vehicle for on-water testing or inspection. If any additional repairs are required, we will prepare a revised work order providing the cost of additional parts and labor and total revised cost. All parts are new unless specified otherwise. 

Deposits on Parts are non-refundable. No returns or refunds on special ordered items or electrical parts. There is no warranty for used parts or customer supplied parts. Deposits on Labor are refundable if appointment is cancelled 48 hours prior to appointment date.

You agree that Boat Brothers is not responsible for loss or damage to your vehicle/vessel/trailer, including loss of articles left in the vehicle, including, without limitation, in case of fire, theft, or any other cause(s) beyond our control. We are not responsible for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays in delivery of parts by the supplier or transporter. You have the right to know before authorizing any additional repairs what those repairs will be and what they will cost. If required repairs exceed the authorized estimated amount, we must obtain your approval to perform the repairs. We will keep you informed and perform only repairs authorized by you.

Boat Brothers is not responsible for any damage, malfunction or loss to your vessel, trailer or vehicle after service. Boat Brothers does not guarantee or warranty any repair or work done to your watercraft. Gelcoat and Fiberglass repairs, including but not limited to, stress cracks, air voids, fiberglass damage, delamination, or any related repairs cannot be guaranteed. Boat Brothers is not responsible for personal injury resulting from the trailer, vessel, vehicle or the services associated with them. 

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