Boat Brothers employee using equipment for a gel coat repair

We exclusively use Mini-Craft GelKote for all our gel coat repairs. This is the highest quality gel coat made on the market and is specifically made for refinishing and repairs. 

Gel Coat Repairs include cosmetic defects, chips, scratches, cracks, dings.

Boat Brothers employee buffering a boat to repair the fiberglass

​There is an art to repairing damaged fiberglass the RIGHT way. We suggest using our professional services in repairing your vessel's damaged areas so you have the area repaired once and never have to worry again. 

​Fiberglass repairs include Minor/Major collision, gouges, holes, cracks and fractures.​

Boat Brothers employee buffing a boat during a marine detail job

There are many boat detailers out there, but why not use the very best? Our Detailing Division works closely with our customers to restore and maintain your watercraft. 

We specialize in wet-sanding, compounding, polishing, waxing (using polymer sealants) and ceramic coatings. We also guarantee all of our work against oxidation! Ask us for more details! 

Boat Brothers employee adding gel coating to a boat

Tired of having you boat detailed every 3-4 months? Our Ceramic Coatings come with a 1 year warranty.


Ceramic is the strongest UV protection you can apply to your vessel. Flexible, semi-permanent product which is hydrophobic and self-cleaning. This helps repel water, dirt & contaminants from sticking to the surface.