Sun, salt and dirt are the main contributors responsible for deteriorating your boat’s gel coat.

When we wash your yacht or boat it is more than just a spray down, it is the most thorough cleaning your vessel will receive.

Our Standard Wash includes:

  • Wash all smooth gel coat surfaces, compartments/hatches and all non-skid surfaces 

  • Wash and dry all vinyl seats and cushions 

  • Rust, mold and mildew removal

  • Open all hatches and storage compartments to clean tracks and edges 

  • Dry all surfaces of the boat


If your boat or yacht is showing haziness or chalkiness on the gel coat or water does not bead up on the surfaces, it is time to compound! 

Compounding removes all the dirt, heavy oxidation and scratches on the top layers of gel coat.

Once compounding is complete, we move to that last step of wax, sealant, or coating.



Other Services

- Teak Treatment 

- Premium Alloy Treatment / Blister Removal

- Watersport Removal

- Acid Wash

We also partner with a variety of reliable businesses to help maintain your watercraft. The following is a list of services from our partners. Ask us for contact info and we will connect you!

- Vessel Delivery

- Certified and Licensed Captains

- Mechanical Work

- Bottom Cleaning and Paint

- Gel Coat Repairs

- Electrical and Pump work

- Marine Insurance


Detailing your yacht or boat does more than just make it look good. It restores and protects your watercraft from the sun, salt and dirt.

Our thorough process first starts with a Standard Wash. 

Depending on the condition of your gel coat the next step will consist of compounding or waxing all smooth gel coat surfaces.


Then we will clean and treat all canvas/bimini tops, seal seats with UV protectant, polish and shine all metal (including outriggers and alloy) and clean glass/isinglass.

Maintenance Wash Plans

A consistent schedule of cleaning your boat or yacht can add an exponential amount of life to your gel coat and help avoid unnecessary repairs.

We offer monthly and bi weekly plans to keep your vessel perfect year round.

You can choose between our Standard Wash and Premium Wash, or tell us exactly what you would like and we can build a custom plan. 

Sealant and Ceramic Coatings

In addition to wax and polish, we offer polymer sealants and ceramic coatings.


Our polymer sealant builds protection and reduces surface tension, giving the vessel a superior gloss and wet look. When applied and maintained correctly, our sealant can last up to a year.

Ceramic coating provides a slickness, dazzling gloss and a durable, hydrophobic, self cleaning finish. With the correct maintenance and application our ceramic coating can last over 2 years. 

Polymer sealants and ceramic coatings require a very labor intensive process contributing to the higher cost.  

Learn more about ceramic coatings.