Other Services

Have an odd job or need a service that is not listed? Give us a call! We know our boundaries and can tell you if a job is within our expertise, chances are if it is cosmetic - we can get it done. If there is something that is outside of our expertise, we will tell you! We have a list of trusted contractors that will work out of our shop to ensure you get the service you are looking for. Below are some of the common services that are not typically mentioned.

Boat Caulk Removal and Application

Boat caulk gets moldy. Sometimes there is no escaping it! How do you get rid of mold on boat caulk? Unfortunately, mold and mildew get what we call "pitted" into the caulk and sealant. The only way to fix this is to get rid of the caulk all together and then replace it. 

Don't bother with the arduous and messy process of removal and application of boat caulk. Let our team expertly replace your caulk - we will get those same fine lines from the factory! 

Rub-Rail Replacement and Repair

Rub rails take some serious impact and damage, even when a boat is docked correctly - that is what they are built for. If damage is done to the boat around the rub rail area that is no problem! We can remove and replace what is necessary to get you back on the water. The rub rail can get pretty beat up from ordinary use and it can become an eyesore - we offer full rub rail removal and installation to relieve that blemish.  

Trailer Service

We offer a limited selection of trailer servicing - component replacement, hub service, rewires and more. Please give us a call or submit a work request to inquire about what we offer.

Boat Electronics and Installation

We offer a wide variety of electronics, rewiring and installations. Give us a call to find out more.

Engine Servicing

We have contracted marine mechanics on site to ensure we can be your one stop shop. While our contractors are not affiliated with Boat Brothers, we trust you will be impressed with their service and we have no extra service charge for the services performed here.