Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair

Sometimes your boat needs some extra care. At Boat Brothers, we specialize in fiberglass and gelcoat repairs. Not sure if you need a fiberglass or gelcoat repair? Read for more information below and contact us for a quote. 

What is a Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair?


Fiberglass repair is the process of patching, reinforcing, filling, and replacing a damaged fiberglass area or ‘core’. Sometimes, you must remove any layers above the fiberglass in order to start the repair process; this could mean grinding or sanding gelcoat and painted surfaces. There are a few different materials that make up a fiberglass repair; chop strand fiberglass, woven roving, core material, high strength filler, and polyester or epoxy resin.


A gelcoat repair is the process of refinishing, filling, or spraying gelcoat (an epoxy or polyester resin-based polymer) where damage has occurred. It is extremely important to repair damaged areas in a timely manner so that your boat is not compromised structurally. 


Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair Process


The first step is identifying all of the damage to your gelcoat and fiberglass. This is crucial, as there may be much more damage than meets the eye. We like to do things the right way, not just cover or disguise damage so we will inspect all areas surrounding the obvious damage to ensure your boat or yacht remains structurally sound. In some cases, we have to remove damage in order to fine the end of the crack, water, dry or damaged fiberglass.


We then prepare the areas needing repair. This consists of protecting all parts of the boat from debris, fiberglass and paint. Then we cut away any compromised pieces or areas, sand the appropriate sections and clean all areas that will be repaired. 


We then install the appropriate materials to fill and build up damaged fiberglass areas. This consists of fiberglass, resin and other high quality marine fillers.


From this point on is what we would consider a gelcoat repair. After the area is sanded and cleaned, we spray the area with gel coat primer. Once cured, another round of sanding and cleaning prepares us for the last steps. 


We match the color of your gelcoat or paint and spray the area (aiming for 25mm thickness). Once the gelcoat is cured, we move to an extensive polishing procedure starting with a low grit sandpaper, move through the grits until we get to 1500 and then start compounding, polishing and sealing. 


Now you are ready for the water!

Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair Locations


We can repair your boat’s fiberglass and gelcoat almost anywhere you would like for the service to be complete. We prefer to do any repairs in the shop but, we understand that may be possible which is why we offer mobile servicing for an extra fee. We service boats and yachts in residential areas, marinas, storage facilities and yacht centers all around the North Florida area. We are an extremely clean and diligent company when it comes to the work area and protecting anything near or on the boat. 


We specialize in mobile fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, and mobile detailing which means we are proficient in providing industry leading services in just about any work environment. 


Does My Boat Need to Be Out of the Water? 


While it is cheaper for you to bring your boat to our shop, we are completely mobile, so as long as we can access the damaged area, we can usually repair your boat or yacht as it sits on a lift, in the water, or on a trailer. 


Gelcoat Products 


We exclusively use Mini-Craft Florida Piranha GelKote. We have gone through extensive training and education on the Mini-Craft products and process.


Why do we exclusively use this product? Mini-Craft specializes in refinishing gelcoats, meaning gelcoat that is meant to be sprayed on for repairs rather than gelcoat used in a mold which was how your watercraft was made. 


We have tested many gel coats, patch aids, reducers and resins. Nothing comes close to the quality, strength and result of Mini-Craft gelcoat. We are happy to use gel coats or materials you provide but, please understand we can not guarantee the quality of the repair, even if this comes from your vessel’s manufacturer.

Will the Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair be Visible? 


Once the damaged area is repaired, it will most likely be the best looking spot on the watercraft. We suggest detailing your watercraft after we repair the area because we compound and polish the repair and the area around it to ensure the repaired gelcoat color matches. Once this is done, you will see no sign of any damage or repair. If your boat has been detailed recently then you will most likely not need a detail! 


Will the Repair Match the Color of the Boat?


Yes! We can match any boat’s gelcoat. We have completed extensive training and obtained industry leading certifications to ensure we can get the most accurate gelcoat color match so that your boat or yacht looks unmarred. We charge a $95 color match fee.

Cost of a Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair?


The cost greatly depends on the damage on your boat. If you send us pictures via text or email we can get you a price range in minutes. If you would like definitive pricing, we come out to the boat and inspect the fiberglass and gelcoat at no charge.


For major repairs we will need to inspect the vessel and identify/uncover all damaged areas. We then give you a quote or estimate.


Why are Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs Expensive?


There is an art to fiberglass and gelcoat repairs. Repairing a boat’s fiberglass and gelcoat professionally takes preparation, time, skill and quality materials. Many companies will skimp on at least one or more of those categories. We believe that you 'get what you pay for!'... and with Boat Brothers, you get the best!


We ensure every step of the repair process is done in the correct fashion, even if that means more time.  All of our gelcoat experts share the same process so there is never a lapse in service you receive. 

Can Insurance Cover the Cost?


You need to reach out to your insurance company first to file a claim.


They will typically send out an adjuster or have you send pictures of the damage. Once they inspect damage they will ask you to schedule service. That is where we come in! If our quote exceeds their estimate, we will work with you and the provider to get the entire cost covered, minus deductible. Don’t worry, this happens all the time! 


Boat Brothers will need the name of your provider and the details regarding your watercraft so we can provide you with a quote/invoice via email. If we are not already on your insurance provider’s approved servicers, we will reach out and do so. The sooner you contact us the better as we book weeks out in advance.