Frequently asked questions

How often should I detail my boat?

It depends on a few factors: where/how you store you boat and what kind of wax/sealant/coating you use to protect you boat. If your boat is exposed to 6+ hours of sunlight a day, you can expect the following time frames: Carnauba Wax will last 3-4 months Our Nano Seal treatment will last 8-12 months Ceramic Coating can last up to 3 years.

Why should I detail my boat?

Detailing your yacht or boat is crucial to maintaining the health of the gel coat. Gel coat becomes dried out and oxidized when not maintained regularly which leads to stress cracks or more serious repairs.

I keep my boat in the water (or on a lift), do I need to trailer my watercraft or get it pulled at a marina?

Leave your watercraft where it is, we'll do all the work! We have all the necessary tools to detail your watercraft as it sits.

What is Ceramic Coating, and is it worth it?

Ceramic coating is a durable, hydrophobic, clear coating which when applied correctly can make washing your boat much easier and protects all surfaces on your watercraft from UV sunlight, dirt, salt and other irritants. You will hear many say "Ceramic is snake oil and a gimmick!".... So is it? Most detailers will tell you that you only need to coat your boat once and it will last three years with ceramic. This is not the case. You still must maintain the coating and regularly wash your watercraft. While ceramic coating makes washing and maintaining the cosmetics of your boat a breeze, you still must care for the coating. In addition, you must be sure the ceramic coating is of high quality and applied correctly. Many detailers skimp out on the quality of ceramic and cut corners when applying it; we use the same process and product everytime to ensure you get an amazing result.

I have a question not listed above.

Call, text or e-mail us! We are happy to answer any questions you have! phone: 904-508-5125 e-mail: jacobgeorge@boatbrothersco.com

Why can't you give me a price without seeing the boat?

Each vessel is different, even if it is the same make, model and year. We mainly look at the condition of the gel coat: how it looks, feels and reacts to water. Prices for a boat can drastically vary depending on the condition. If a boat needs multiple steps of compounding to restore the gel coat, it may be more than triple the price of the same model boat that has recently been detailed and waxed.

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