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Hull Maxx Application

Certified Installer

What is Hull Maxx?

HULL MAXX is a revolutionary, superior, clear, environmentally friendly, foul-release product that replaces heavy, ablative, polluting bottom paint and provides improved vessel performance.

This foul-release coating is easily applied over gel coat and as a clear coating, it allows the underlying color of the gel coat or paint to shine through.

Why recommend Hull Maxx?

Why Choose Hull Maxx?

This environmentally friendly coating replaces heavy, ablative, leaching bottom paints which contain heavy metals and toxins which poison our oceans and waterways.


Hull Maxx decreases or eliminates the need for regular bottom cleaning. Any environmental growth or contaminates can easily be brushed or wiped away.
Increased vessel performance and fuel savings due to the hydrophobic nature of the coating.

Damaged areas can be easily recoated. It is easily removed without damaging the gel coat with our Performance Stripper and light pressure washing–no stripping, scraping or grinding required.

Traditional bottom paint:

- Aesthetically unpleasing to the eye with limited colors often  inconsistent with a vessel’s color scheme
- Devalues the vessel upon application
- Causes an irregular surface which creates drag and decreases vessel performance and fuel efficiency
- Pollutes our oceans and waterways with its toxins as it is designed to be ablative
- Removal is costly, labor-intensive and can damage the hull


How Much Does Hull Maxx Cost?

We start at $175 per foot but it can vary up to $225 per foot. While it is more expensive than a traditional bottom paint, it does not devalue your boat, making it VERY worth it! 

Want to know more about Hull Maxx? Visit the Hull Maxx FAQ or their WEBSITE


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