Complete Marine Detailing

A complete detail is an essential service to maintain your vessel. Read below about the process and cost, book online, or simply contact us for your free quote!

What is a Complete Marine Detail?


A Complete Marine Detail, otherwise known as a Boat Detail, “Wash & Wax”, Full Detail or Yacht Detail, is the process of thoroughly cleaning or washing a vessel, refinishing or compounding necessary surfaces, and applying a coat of protection to all surfaces.


Benefits of a Complete Detail?


Boats and yachts are constantly prone to the elements. The three main contributors to damaging a boat’s cosmetic health are UV rays, dirt, and saltwater. 


Consistently washing and detailing your boat or yacht is of utmost importance to keep the elements from damaging the vessel. 


Complete Detail Process


Our thorough process first starts with a Standard Wash. Wash all smooth gel coat surfaces, compartments/hatches, and all non-skid surfaces. Wash and dry all vinyl seats and cushions, rust, mold, and mildew removal, clean all compartment hatches and tracks and dry all surfaces of the boat. 

Depending on the condition of your gel coat the next step will consist of compounding or waxing all smooth gel coat surfaces. This is where most time is spent; applying and buffing wax and/or compound is a very time-consuming and laborious process. 

Then we will clean and treat all canvas/bimini tops, seal seats with UV protectant, polish and shine all metal (including outriggers and alloy), and clean glass/isinglass.

How Often Do I Need a Complete Detail?


This can come as a shock to even experienced boaters… Ideally, you should at least have your boat detailed every 3-4 months. Detailing a boat is not as “optional” as detailing an automotive; this is because gelcoat is much more porous than your car’s clear coat so it requires more attention! It is important to keep gel coat healthy as it is the protective coat over your boat's fiberglass and core. Every 3-4 months is a proactive approach and will guarantee a healthy vessel cosmetically. If you keep your boat under cover, in a boat house or in storage away from the elements, then every 6 months may be adequate.